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Speak English Fluently, Impress Your Boss, Client, and Interviewer - Land Your Dream Job and Get up to 100% Growth

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15 days unconditional money back guarantee - no question asked - 100% risk free investment

How this course is different

'English for a better job' is a comprehensive English speaking course for job seekers and working professionals. I have provided you with the best techniques and easy steps to speak English fluently and confidently. It took me 11 years of hard work, experience, and research in preparing this course and the right techniques.

This course covers English speaking skills, Email writing, and job interview skills so that you can speak and write better English and land your dream job.

The 'Job Interview skills' program includes career growth principles, nuances of effective communication, and body language blunders.

Moreover, you can reach us on our WhatsApp number 9312244988 for your queries and doubts.

Why I created this course

I have been teaching English communication and career skills for more than 11 years. Many of our students are not able to attend face-to-face classes and live online classes due to scarcity of time. They requested me to provide them with recorded classes so that they can attend classes per their convenience and improve without any hurdle.

Your problem

I come across many job seekers and professionals who struggle to improve English communication despite putting in their best efforts such as watching YouTube video, joining good institutes, and practicing day in day out.

The improvement

They start improving command of the English language within a couple of days once they get the right direction. One of my students was selected by five companies after completing the course while he had been struggling to improve English speaking for five years. The companies even offered him thirty to fifty percent salary growth also.

How it changes your life

English speaking skills helps you to get a better job opportunity in India and abroad. A company also offers you a better salary and rewards if you possess excellent technical and communication skills.

Can I learn English online?

You might have this question if you can learn English through online English speaking course. Let me ask you something “Do you learn any skill by attending lecture online or face-to-face or by practicing?”

You can learn any skill through practice only. If you practice all the steps and techniques, you can experience improvement from day one and no one can stop you from becoming a good speaker.

Here is the article to help you understand the benefits of online classes.


Why you should choose this course- benefits

  1. Impress your interviewer by developing nuances of effective communication skills
  2. Speak English fluently before seniors, boss, and clients
  3. Speak and write without grammatical errors
  4. Learn to write professional emails
  5. Improve your communication skills
  6. Get rid of mother tongue influence
  7. Prepare yourself for a better job
  8. Free interview preparation course
  9. Complete guidance and support for your queries (WhatsApp 9312244988)
  10. 15 days unconditional guarantee
  11. Free Books worth Rs. 1000

what you will get:

  1. Life time updates on WhatsApp
  2. Lifetime access to interview preparation course
  3. Option to attend face-to-face classes every Sunday for your queries and our guidance (only in Gurgaon)
  4. Guidance to improve communication and support for your queries

What our students are saying about the course:

Meet Your Trainer and Other Students

"You guys are doing wonderful work for the people likes us who are struggling in corporate just because of good communication skills & email writing skills.

Ways of your teaching are quite unique, effective & result oriented.

I suggest every learner must enroll for online course it is very useful for enhancing yours communication & email writing skill. Below are the things I like about the course:-

1. Slow and steady pace of course.

2. In-depth explanation.

3. Applicable to real world with factful examples.

4. Comprehensive curriculum.

Some words for instructors:-Mr. Yogesh vermani my instructor he has 10+ years of experience in same field and his teaching methods is very engaging, friendly and direct to the point.

Best of Luck Ur Career team! Keep doing the same work for the people like us."

Tara Singh, works for Wipro Limited as quality engineer

"I could not attend face-to-face classes consistently. Yogesh Sir started online classes. These classes were amazing. These classes helped me to overcome my writing and speaking difficulties."

- Parul Singla, works for ISM India as Senior Associate

"I am very glad to give feedback on UrCareer online courses. Because the course covers each section whatever we required to improve our communication power.I understood the nuisance of grammar and improved my speaking and explanation power.

Under this course we practiced on different topics and techniques. Like tongue twister, Speaking practice in different emotions, New concepts and Quotes.

At last but not least we can ask any questions and clear our doubt at the same time.

Ritesh, works for Aon Hewitt

"In my opinion online session is very important. I have learnt emotion practice, conceptual part, and I got rid of mother tongue influence.

- Aashi Gupta, works for Google

Search us on Google 'UrCareer Gurgaon' to know more about us and check the latest feedbacks

15 Days unconditional Money Back guarantee (No question asked - 100% Risk Free Investment)

Do not join this course:

  1. If you are looking accent training or advanced vocabulary for competitive exams etc.
  2. If you are looking for presentation, group discussion, and public speaking skills

Your Instructor

Yogesh Vermani
Yogesh Vermani

English communication coach, corporate trainer, and author

Yogesh has more than ten years experience in training. He worked for corporate for more than 8 years as a chartered accountant. He also worked as a corporate trainer.

His clients' list includes software professionals, graphic designers, engineers, project managers, chartered accountants, company secretaries, chefs, and scientists.

He has authored many books. His first two books have been in the best-selling list on Amazon consistently.

Have query: call/whatsapp 9312244988

Class Curriculum

  Section 6: Day Repeat Practice - Past
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Section 7: Small Topics to improve Fluency
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Conditional Sentences
Available in days
days after you enroll

Courses Included with Purchase

Email Writing Course
Avoid Email Blunders and Improve Your Writing Skills
Yogesh Vermani

Original Price: ₹999

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join online classes to learn English?

How is this course different from other courses?

Is it possible to learn English through Online classes?

How will this course benefit me?

When did you start teaching English communication?

Who should not join this course?

Get started now!

For any assistance, please feel free to contact us:

Call /WhatsApp: 9312244988

Write to us: urcareer.gurgaon@gmail.com

What you will get:

  1. Speak English fluently before seniors, boss, and clients
  2. Impress your interviewer by developing nuances of effective communication skills
  3. Learn to write professional emails
  4. Improve your communication skills
  5. Get rid of mother tongue influence
  6. Prepare yourself for a better job
  7. Free interview preparation course with life time access
  8. Complete guidance and support for your queries (WhatsApp 9312244988)
  9. 15 days money back guarantee
  10. Free Books worth Rs. 1000

More success stories from our students:

"It is a great way to learn and become successful and confident. I like this because I can attend classes anywhere.

- Harsh Verma, works for Concentrix

"UrCareer online class is very helpful for working professionals. It saves a lots of time. I can attend classes from anywhere. Contents of the class and way of teaching are totally different.

Yogesh sir also provide face-to-face classes on weekend and suggets improvement area for your communication skills.!"

- Maninder Kumar

"Your online sessions are very knowledgeable and I learned a lot from you."

- Shikha, works for People Strong

" I joined Urcareer institute 3 month ago. Before joining this institute my english speaking was not impressive. The teaching style of Mr. Yogesh sir is very unique and effectively. He provides only selected techniques which is very helpful for learning english.

After joining this institute I am improving my english communication very well. I would recommend you to join Urcareer institute.This is an excellent course — definitely worth checking out!"

- Tejpal Sharma,

"I am Reena. I wanted to improve my English communication. I had been watching YouTube channels but I could not improve my communication skills.

Fortunately, I found UrCareer online course and I joined it 3 months ago. Trust me friends after joining this course I developed my confidence and improved my communication skills. Thanks Yogesh Sir. You are a great help/motivation to us." Regards,

- Reena Kohli

"I am attending your online classes daily and these classes are helping me in improving my communication skills. You explain every concept very clearly.

But, in addition to this I have one suggestion as vocabulary of most of the students is not upto the mark, so if you could inclue 5 different words every day."

- Harsh Dhiman